Rainy Adventure

My first time at the Line & Friends store and my boyfriend’s first time to Buffalo Exchange …was amazing ! We ended the night off with cupcakes and Japanese Cuisine!

Even though it was rainy outside, we still decided to go on an adventure and explore stores we have never been to.

Line & Friends Store :3

I had an amazing time there! This location was in New York City, Manhattan. Another amazing place for shopping on a budget with hidden gems is the Buffalo Exchange store also in NYC Manhattan.u

Buffalo Exchange

And of course, you can’t end a day of adventure without delicious food!

Food!!! >:O – Wasabi

Rubin Museum Experience

I love the Rubin Museum and I recommend everyone to take a visit! 

Location: New York , 150 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011 (if you arrive an hour before it closes the admission is half off. I also believe it is cheaper for students)

The show at the Rubin was called “The Future is Fluid” and experiencing art displays in different forms such as:

  • video
  • digital visual projections
  • video cameras
  • rooms with displaying a similar place based on the location of where the art was from
  • interaction displays


The museum is very quiet and peaceful so I really enjoyed the tranquility that came after leaving. While leaving the front desk gives you a letter from the past visitors and have the option to meet them! Very lovely time I had.


Until Next Time,

Ashadah Austin ♥