Pompano Beach / Miami – Adventure

I just recently came back from vacation with my family. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you guys what I seen in Florida, Pompano Beach/Miami area.

Florida is such a beautiful state, I reccomend visiting if you haven’t done so already!

Live life, have fun doing it! Until next Time!

Ashadah Austin♥

OOTD – Beach Summer Outfit

So my rainbow tube top came from Forever 21, I love that place ! My jean shorts I cut myself from an old pair of high waisted jeans bought from H&M!

Also..I got a hair cut which was probably the best decision I’ve ever made about my hair. I will show more pictures of it in a future post.

I got so many compliments from this shirt and it’s perfect for a two piece bathing suit ! 👙

No bra required either ladies, it’s completely comfortable and shows off your curves !


Until Next time

Ashadáh Austin 💕

Brunch w/ Mother

My mother and I enjoy exploring the food spots in town. One of our favorite spots is the REDEYE cafe.

We always have a blast enjoying our time together from the busy schedules we both endure. I love the conversations we have and our silly moments together as just…mother and daughter. I appreciate so much about her..the details she remembers about me that I often forget, the constant motivational speeches, and even the hardships that got us closer together in our relationship.




Bookshelf & Photos

Hot Chocolate


Sunny Side Eggs & Veggie Special

French Toast w/ Fruit & Cream


Happy Mother’s Day Mom♥


♥ Until next time ♥

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Colorful Urban

Exploring Urban Outfitters is probably the best window shopping experience you could ever do. I was so amused by the details this shop contained. From the ceilings to the floor and everything in between, it is pretty hard not to love this place.

I definitely tried on those shades…..idc