3 Outfit Ideas for the Same Pair of Jeans

1. A Basic Sweater Tuck & Funky Belt

Sometimes it is good to be casual and plain with a twist! Folding the jeans to create a cropped style, showing the skin through the rips, and a cheetah print belt can really elevate a casual look.

In this look I pared it with a half-zip sweater and tucked it to show off the belt.

2. Shirt Layering

You know, when it gets cold outside, some of us may want to wear our favorite t-shirt..so to do this, wear a turtleneck underneath or a long-sleeve to have a cool layering detail.

Switching up the shoes styles can also bring together an outfit as well.

3. Double Neck Combo

I tried to be a bit matchy matchy with the aesthetics of this outfit lol. I decided to wear a tight turtleneck with a looser one to create a unique silhouette. I also did a tiny tuck in the front to show off the jean.

Adding a hat or another accessory can really push the look in the right direction.

Until Next time, Ashadah Austin

Black Cheetah

Faux Leather Cargo Pants
Cropped Turtle neck knit
Cheetah print tank top
Large and long black belt

I love love love wearing black in the winter. But I also like to add a pop of color somehow to show that I have personality. (not saying that wearing all black is boring) but it is nice to switch it up unexpectedly.

Styling Tips:

To stand out in an all black everything outfit….

  1. Change the textures of your clothes. For example, wear something fuzzy and something silky in the same color to show more personality.
  2. Add an accessory like a chunky belt, necklace, or earrings.
  3. Experiment with different lengths like cropped pants with oversize sweaters or long skirts with cropped sweaters in the same color.

-Until Next Time (And Happy New Year) xoxo