A Cute New Summer Fit !

The world is finally opening up! Thank goodness…lucky for us that means more new outfits ! I will most certainly drag anything cheetah print throughout the year, including the summer. Its a really cute print that helps bring an outfit to life. Pastel colors are great with cheetah print during the summer, so are boldContinue reading “A Cute New Summer Fit !”

I made an Art Shop

Hello thickglitter fam! I know, its been way too long since my last post. Let me update you on how COVID-19 & BlackLivesMatter impacted my life.. First off, I am one of the many 2020 Graduates of the wonderful Covid year… which also means.. no graduation ceremony until further notice. Thats a way to endContinue reading “I made an Art Shop”

Activities For the Self-Quarantined & Stuck Insiders

Ah, boredom strikes again after that amazing international trip and your back home….just to be self-quarantined!? Isolation at its finest! But I am sure this is no issue for the introverts (like me), but what about the extroverts that crave socializing 24/7 (also me) ?