Fashion Fav : Balmain 2018 Resort

Balmain is my absolute favorite clothing brand! The details are magnificent, and their collections inspire me every time I begin to think about my next creation. Displayed is the latest 2018 Balmain Resort collection !

With boots like these..I will stand every chance I get!

I am not really a pink kinda girl, however Balmain convinced me with these chic lacy styles!

Anti-Casual jeans if you please..


Balmain is a French Luxury Fashion House founded by Pierre Balmain in 1946. The creative director is Olivier Rousteing and the CEO is Massimo Piombini. -Photos are courtesy of Balmain-

Published by Ashadah Austin

A creative eye for art, fashion, and adventure. I bring to you my insight about what I discover, worlds to uncover, and style to keep up your sleeve.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Fav : Balmain 2018 Resort

  1. I love the textures and patterns Balmain has in all of their design – sometimes they look like out of a gothic cathedral, sometimes futuristic, and the mix is so exciting visually!
    It’s hard to find a pink shade that doesn’t wash me out and makes me look like a zombie, but I keep on trying. 😀

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